Haul your Powerboat, Move a Sailboat, or Transport your Yacht,

Deep Water Transport Enterprises, Inc
Family Owned and Operated Since 1991
Experienced Over-the-Road Marine Transportation Specialists

Fully  Licensed  &  Insured
Servicing 48 US States & Parts of Canada

Also Offering Lift Services and and Secure Open Storage
On Site in Washington, North Carolina

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Sunshine, Warm Rains, Cool Breezes, and Gentle Seas be Yours!
Roy Bunch, Managing Owner
FedEx Address: 6610 Clarks Neck Road      Mailing Address: PO Box 460
Washington, NC  27889
Phone (252) 946 - 1215           Toll Free (866) 428 - 0408
FAX (252) 946 - 1865
Email: DeepWaterJP@aol.com