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Boat Transport

General Information

Transport only that which is necessary!  Personal items, electronics, etc., that can be removed from the boat, should be.

Transporters CANNOT be held responsible for damages from poorly secured personal items shipped in/on your boat, nor for other items, parts, etc., such as disassembled bridges, windshields, radar arches, antennas, towers, outriggers, dinghys or miscellaneous loose items,  that have been improperly removed, protected, and/or secured. Due to HAZMAT rules and the danger of hauling various fuels,  all fuel must be removed from your boat. Due to weight and/or leakage problems, as much water as possible should also be removed.

Everything on the interior of the boat should be battened down securely and all hatches, doors, etc., closed, secured, and locked.

Correct and complete preparation for transport is entirely the responsibility of the owner, and/or any agent hired/assigned to perform such duties.

A Few Examples:
1) A canvas cover, or loose cushion, grill, deck chair, hatch door, etc., can be damaged, or do considerable damage, flapping or banging around loose in/with the forced winds and truck movements, which may be even more greatly magnified, if added to any naturally occurring winds, and/or other weather conditions encountered during transport.
2) If your bridge is removed, place it somewhere suitable on the boat and make certain it is safely secured.
If it must be placed on our trailer, a frame should be prepared for it to rest upon. If your radar arch is removed, it should be secured against your boat. You might consider using carpet to protect areas where surfaces may “touch”.
3) Electronics such as radios, Loran Systems, etc., should be shipped separately or securely stowed in your cabin, with all cabin doors, windows, and any other access, locked.
Special Preparation for Sailboats
Make certain that all Mast Poles are derigged. All cables and spreaders should be bound to the pole. The strongest side of the mast should be left “clean” to rest on our trailer. Wrapping of poles is optional, but should be considered.

Rudders, sticks, ladders, outboards, and anything else that can turn or flap in the wind, should be removed and/or well secured.

REMEMBER … prepare for HURRICANE FORCE WINDS as well as any inclement weather or adverse road conditions that may be encountered enroute!!!
Special Preparation for Powerboats
Make certain that your windshield is strong enough to withstand the rigors and wind of travel …
when in the least doubt … REMOVE and SAFELY SECURE IT.

Please NOTE: If not removed … frameless Plexiglas windshields WILL BREAK!!!

Any inboard/outboard or outboard motors should be raised and locked.
It is sometimes prudent to place a 2 x 4 securely between your outdrive and bracket.
Whenever possible, you should consider removing the props and safely storing them.

Most canvas tops and covers, seat cushions, etc., were NOT meant to withstand this type of travel.  They should be removed and/or secured and protected.

REMEMBER … prepare for HURRICANE FORCE WINDS as well as any inclement weather or adverse road conditions that may be encountered enroute!!!

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